Feeding the world
 while preserving the
 planet is one of the
 major challenge of
this century

According to Food and Agriculture Organization, the world population will reach 9.5 billion by 2050. As a consequence, food demand will increase by 70%.

We all need to find solutions.

Why targetting eggs?

Eggs are an important part of our diet with 75 million tons consumed worldwide per year. Reducing battery hens consumption will automatically increase cereals’ availability for human food 

9 calories of plant protein is necessary to produce 1 calorie of animal protein 

Egg is a versatile product and has became a challenge for food industry.

The emergence of new concerns from customers that will drive the food market
More sustainability and transparency in the food chain with less waste

Healthier food with less fat, sugar and salt

Increase in the share of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan in the population more and more aware about animal and environmental causes. 

TAMALGA™ aims to be key player in the food transition.

We believe reducing egg consumption is part of a sustainable and responsible development approach that is currently necessary to face environmental issues

TAMALGA™ ensure the great taste and texture of bakery, pasta and sauce, with less impact on hearth and health.