What is TAMALGA™?

TAMALGA™ is a food brand committed to preserving the planet by providing the food and beverage industries with a cost-effective egg substitute that results in great taste, lower costs, simplified production and a smaller environmental footprint. We believe that every human has a right to quality food that is good for them and good for the planet.

Who are you?

TAMALGA™ is part of Algama. Algama is a French food startup producing innovative vegan plant-based ingredients and formulation for the food and beverage industry. TAMALGA™ enables egg-replacement products through advanced formulation capability.

What is TAMALGA™ made of?
TAMALGA™ is made from plant-based ingredients.
Is TAMALGA™ plant-based?

Absolutely! We stand for a more sustainable and healthy world. We believe that overconsumption of animal-based products is a significant contributor to global warming and see plant-based alternatives as an important component in reducing greenhouse gas production.

Does it taste like real eggs?

TAMALGA™ offers all the basic properties of eggs needed in your product. Taste can be customized for you particular application by our R&D team to obtain the flavour you need.

Does TAMALGA™ have any cholesterol?
No! TAMALGA™ can be part of a low-cholesterol diet and cholesterol-free products. Because we care about cardiovascular health, we created TAMALGA™ to be free from cholesterol.
Does TAMALGA™ have any allergens?
TAMALGA™ is free from allergens.
Does TAMALGA™ contain GMOs?


What is the shelf life of TAMALGA™?

TAMALGA™ products are in powder form. They are shelf stable for at least 12 months without changes in the functionality/color/taste or microbiology.

Is TAMALGA™ only for vegan products?

All our ingredients are from vegetable sources and suitable for vegan products. However, TAMALGA™  would work well in many non-vegans products as a convenient and effective alternative to eggs.

Where is TAMALGA™ manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in France.

How can I get/try TAMALGA™?

Please contact us and we will be happy to engage in a discussion with you